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Pure Fruit Pulps Natural Black Hair Color Cream x 4 Set + 1 Black Hair Color Cream (FREE)

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Increase your confidence and gain your spirited, youthful look by purchasing Pure Fruit Pulps (Natural Black)! Consisted of natural ingredients including plant herbs and ginseng, it is a safe and convenient hair product for you to grow, protect & nourish your hair; making it dark, shiny and also healthy. With advanced hair-darkening formula, Pure Fruit Pulps PERMANENTLY eliminates all white or gray hair root cells, replacing them with black hair roots.

  • Comes in a box with 4 sets of the product
  •  1 set- 30ml Natural Black Hair Dye (sachet) + 60ml Black Hair Protection Cream + gloves, ear-caps, chest-length apron
  • Free gift - 1 set of  Pure Fruit Pulps black hair
  • Organic and natural ingredients from plants (Chemical-Free) 
  • Permanently solves your gray & white hair problems (‘Kills’ white, gray hair root cells)
  • No carcinogens (will not cause cancer to users)
  • Provides users’ hair with essential nutrients, natural shiny texture and moisture
  • Repairs users’ hair issues (dry hair, white hair, gray hair, frizzy hair etc.)
  • Protects your hair scalp – hair dye product does not penetrate the scalp

We have black hair because hair contains a melanin, the more melanin content,  the more black  color of the hair. On the contrary, the less melanin content, hair color is  bleak pale. Having black hair not only enhance a  young spirit, but generates confidence. As such, with grey-hair, we may feel old and consequently develops  psychological depression and other problems follows. The main cause of white hair is due to air sacs in the hair follicle  and blocks melanin in the hair medulla and cortex which actually make a space in between the blood vessels and the hair follicle that provides food and oxygen. Melanin synthesis occurs smoothly when   blood vessels within the normal dermal papilla at the hair bulb able to provide adequate nutrition  to the cells that forms the future hair. As long as the hair dermal papilla cells are present  and continue  the normal delivery of melanin, the hair will remain black. UFA pure pulp follicles melanin pigment can continue to add, from the root of the problem to solve hair problem.

-Pure fruit pulps natural black, with a combination of natural vanilla, natural black hair works fast.
-Pure fruit pulps Natural Black are all natural and prolong usage will naturally make the hair grow black instead of growing white!
-Ordinary  hair dye only dyed the hair temporarily black, new grown white hair will turn white again.
-Most of the hair dyes contain carcinogenic substances (except of organic labelled and certified hair dyes).
-The plus point of the Pure Fruit Pulps Natural Black not temporary dye the hair black, but solve the problem of hair from the roots, so that natural black hair really grow from own follicle eventually.
-Pure Fruit Pulps natural black contains black ink grass, fleece-Southern Grass, ginseng, astragalus and other natural plant herbs, supplements sustained follicle melanocytes, to naturally build the cells for growth of  real black hair.

Pure Fruit Pulps Natural black does not contain
1. does not contains chemical  stimulants
2. does not pollute surrounding
3. does not contain carcinogens
4. does not dye the scalp or  stained hands
5.  safe, convenient and modern natural black hair products.


How to use?

1. Squeeze an amount of the black hair color cream ( sachet) on the palm and rub evenly on the palm of the hand and apply on the hair evenly. Massage the hair for 3-5 minutes and  Leave for 7-10 minutes or more. Maximum time on the hair is 20 minutes

2. Wash out the cream with plain water and dry your hair with towel or hair dryer.

3. Apply the UFA Prime Pure Pulps cream ( tube) on  your hair. Your hair will look lustrous


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